True Justice For William B. Brock Is A Death Certificate That Reflects Homicide Instead of Suicide.
Justice for William B. Brock


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William B. Brock's Resume at aged 24

We'd love an opportunity to Open EVERYONE'S eye's and ears to read and hear the Dark Truth about The UNKNOWN FACTS surrounding the Murder and Cover-up of William B. Brock , The Former Branch President of the Washington County, PA  NAACP and The MOST Prominent BLACK Executive at Volkswagen one of The Largest Auto manufactures in the World Killed hours after standing with other Blacks against That Auto Maker in a  Seventy Million Dollar Class Action Discrimination Lawsuit against Volkswagen for Blatant Civil Rights violations against other BLACK'S employed at New Stanton, Westmoreland County, PA When HE DIED so did the $70,000,000.00 CLASS ACTION DISCRIMINATION  LAWSUIT and the Conspiracy surrounding His Murder and Cover-up was Born.

Black individuals would experience dead rats/snakes in their desk-drawers at work, and also often found Black-dolls hung by nooses in doorways at public offices. Management did nothing to deter this blatant racism endured by minorities at the plant.


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Justice For William B. Brock Date of Birth Date of Death
Justice for William B. Brock June 3rd, 1951 January 8th, 1983
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Oh, how my heart moans, as I walk through this wholesome LAND, where sometimes It is hard to be a MAN. I ponder the question?


In retrospect, it was WILLIAM B, MEDGAR EVERS, KENNEDY and KING, these men only wanted one THING, (Freedom). Although they were home GROWN, America. you still found time to kill your OWN. All of these men were of great prestige, each had much pride and self-esteem, you didn’t want them to SPEAK because in certain ways you know you are WEAK


Stokely Carmichael, H. Rap Brown and Eldridge Cleaver sought a better way for people to GIVE, I’m really surprised you allowed them to LIVE.


KILL, KILL, KILL, those who have the WILL POWER, make their lives their darkest HOUR. They are all ALONE, yes America, you continue to kill your OWN. Send Money to a foreign land, why? Because of power. To the foreigners’ you KNEEL as, you buy their STEEL and refuse to HEAL, all of this due to GREED, for you see, there are people here we NEED to FEED.


Oh, how patriotic is the red, white and blue when people in your own home are in need of food and shelter? You say other countries can’t wait to spill the blood of American's, so fight you're not ALONE. But America, I don’t believe you because, you see, I know you kill your OWN.

written by TW Brock©

Sold On A Goal

My name is TW, I’m SOLD on a GOAL of partnering with others like YOU to WELCOME additional WAYS this DAY to an ANTIQUATED system that has ASSASSINATED, less fortunate GENERATIONSof this NATION in a very CALCULATED with a THEME that always SEEMS to REDEEM with PRIORITY those in position of AUTHORITY and often LEAN against the MINORITY via an ARRANGEMENT overflowing with ESTRANGEMENT. I want to partner with others like YOU who want to ACCRUE something NEW to grow THROUGH and willing TO work with others to build a CREW with YOU and ME who desire to SEE that WE can create something PHENOMENAL that's not simply NOMINAL or a TOKEN of something BROKEN in a SOCIETY filled with ACTIVITY constantly against you and ME. Like, accepted DUALITY in a CITY known for its BRUTALITY. I believe, God desires that WE allow CHARITY to infiltrate our HEART, so WE can START to take PART in the IMMUNITY in a COMMUNITY BUILT within the warmth of a QUILT of UNITYoften found in close FAMILY, WE will then be ATTENDEE’s who SEE how HE will ACCELERATE and TERMINATE the overwhelming COMPLEXITIES surrounding you and ME. To WELCOME new WAYS to DEFEAT the HEAT experience EACH DAY by the AXIOM of ANTAGONISM met with PETITE CRITICISM from THEM with the ability to CONDEMN with ENTHUSIASM THOSE who REFUSE to STAND and make a BAND to OPPOSE any DEEDS that don’t LEAD to ADDRESS the BEST of COMMUNAL SUCCESS. I want us ALL to ATTEST to experiencing God's very BEST to SHOW a GLOW that will GROW to FLOW in the lives of CEO's who will say HELLO to people they don't even KNOW.

I could use your help reaching my fundraising goal. Every single share and donation makes a difference.

written by TW Brock©



I TRUST that those of US who BELIEVE we can ACHIEVE what it takes to INFLUENCE our CONGRUENCE to REACH a PRODUCER willing to TEACH our ABUSER'S by shooting the true STORY behind the GLORY of My POP, William B. BROCK who DIED because he TRIED joining THE &70,000,000.00 million dollar class ACTION, against VW who swore to be DOUBLE TROUBLE to anyone that took ACTION to My POP's TRANSACTION that resulted in an OVERREACTION from RACIST ACTIVIST on a MISSION to create DIVISION and a RENDITION of SUBMISSION from BLACK'S who LACK the strength to STAND and DEMAND that each MAN FIGHT for what's RIGHT...??


l greatly APPRECIATE those willing to ALLEVIATE / HATE without WAIT.  


TOAST with ME  in expectation of the MOST, as WE prepare to OVERDOSE, on an inner STRENGTH  to go the LENGTH.

Please  DONATE  without WAIT all you can and SHARE, this RARE LINK, designed to help us THINK before we SINK any INK or SIGN on the dotted... LINE, and CONFINE ourselves, to a system DESIGNED to  BLIND us from the STINK,   BEHIND every Blue  LINK,  on the SITE,  I've INVITED YOU & your CREW, go THROUGH, before purchasing your next  CAR from VW based AFAR.

"Remember" To effect CHANGE, we must REARRANGE our INTERCHANGE, with those in a seat  of POWER  who continue to DEVOUR, those of us that EMPOWER them, knowing that most will simply COWER  as it takes many  to  OVERPOWER,  those who TOWER,  as a SUPERPOWER

We must STAND, together, to create a BRAND,  that will EXPAND the HAND,  of GOD,  who is our ROD,  HE will lead us, to RAISE the STAKES,  against the SNAKES,  so WE, can  SEEVICTORY, while creating New HISTORY, that removes the MYSTERY, against You  and ME in the Black COMMUNITY!!


Tell me, do you or anyone you know have a Podcast  Seeking to BROADCAST an unknown NEWSCAST about the DRAGON that once existed at VOLKSWAGEN in New Stanton in the same state as SCRANTON though, the content is OLD l need to work with someone BOLD that won't FOLD so the Facts can be TOLD though they're COLD. More-over, are you  willing to BAND TOGETHER to STAND WHENEVER we ENDEAVOR to build UNITY in the BLACK COMMUNITY do You have the BALLS to make the CALLS to EXPOSE THOSE unknown FACTS about BLACK HISTORY currently a MYSTERY...

Do you or ANY of YOUR Follower's Enjoy LEARNING and SHARING UNKNOWN FACTS about BLACK HISTORY Currently Under Lock  and KEY from you  and ME.

Why are so MANY PEOPLE afraid to Discuss EXPOSING Cover-up in America..


Can l count YOU & your CREW to Follow ME to SEE Justice for my POP William B. Brock who DIED thinking he was an ALLY to other Black's STANDING and DEMANDING their Civil Rights but simply took a SEAT in DEFEAT only to allow us REPEAT the BACKSEAT these are folk's who CLAIM to NAME Christ as their SAVIOR yet their BEHAVIOR doesn't DISPLAY that TODAY THEY Trust that "THEY can do ALL Things Through Christ Jesus who strengthens them." It's just Talk for many who refuse to WALK with CHRIST who's paid a PRICE because many refuse to SACRIFICE as they'd rather roll the DICE then work TOGETHER to do What EVER to make our community BETTER and create UNITY between You and ME...!!


Would you help RAISE our WAY'S from the DAY'S when so many APPRAISE the BLAZE of those who've BETRAYED each of US if so, we MUST ADJUST & earn one another's TRUST can l count on YOU to pull THROUGH & ASSIST as we COEXIST to RAISE the $70k's REQUIRED to ascertain the DESIRED FACTS hidden from so many BLACK's who LACK the will to Fight BACK for folks like my POP Mr. William B. Brock Murdered & Covered-up for STANDING and DAMANDING the Civil RIGHTS of other's that refuse to take DELIGHT in serving one-another DESPITE the HEIGHT of his INCITE other BLACK'S who LACK the WILL to climb the HILL & find SUCCESS among the BEST as we ATTEST the REST that refuse to PROTEST our lack of GROWTH after taking an OATH to do the MOST & build UNITY in our COMMUINITY... I'd love this OPPORTUNITY welcome ACCEPTABILITY of the idea of by exhuming his corps performing the inquest that was NEVER actually done but REQUIRED to determine cause of death. I'm perplexed by the LACK of interest by the highest investigator's in the land. There is NO STATUTE of Limitation, that said why isn't the FBI All over this? I'd like the original inquest performed by the esteemed & Nationally known Dr. Cyril Wecht perhaps he can help us understand how a LEFT HANDED man takes a 38' Pistol with an 8' inch barrel and shoots himself in the BACK of the RIGHT SIDE of his head, 3 hrs after joining a $70,000,000,00 Million Dollar Class Action Discrimination Lawsuit after VW Mgmt attempted blackmailed Mr. Brock with knowingly false info in an effort to coerce Mr.Brock to convince the other minorities to back out of the Class-Action-Discrimination Lawsuit Against VW the Largest Automanufacturer that move had the opposite effect on Mr. Brock. It pissed him-off & he joined the lawsuit with the other minorities.

If he actually committed suicide why are former original employee's afraid to discuss the facts for fear of losing their own live's, suicide is a choice...??

This story was originally covered by NBC, ABC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer, Boston Globe, & the New York Times & several others, yet someone like myself who's unknown has absolutely no clout with big media even presenting stone cold facts refuse to here me we've written 100's of letters to Congress with proof of murder. To NO Avail l'd like your help.

My Pop had a family meeting 10 day's before he died he was excited because he had been approved for a $9,000,000.00 million dollar venture to purchase a Hilton hotel, when pressed by his immediate family to leave VW Immediately because of the death threats on his life, he told family "l can't leave, l've got people counting on me."

When l built the website 10yr ago l approached many of those still living to discuss what they endured at the VW Plant in New Stanton, Pa. from July 1977 thru Jan 1983 they were still afraid to discuss the facts associated this case some 30yrs later. If he, actually commited suicide why were they afraid to discuss the facts. My POP Mr. Brock who died at 31 yrs of age

William B. Brock was The MOST Prominent Black Executive at VW, he was running for Mayor of Washington, County Pa. & he was The Existing President of the Washgton County, Pa. Branch of the NAACP and he owned his own cleaning services. This isn't a man that committed suicide. If you have your own podcast invite me own let's do a BROADCAST if you're a rapper seeking something new to rap about please help me get these facts out to the world...

On the day of the alledge Suicide my Pop told an associate he was selling his Audi cause he just bought a Porsche for himself.

If A Plot Were Shot

If a PLOT were SHOT or a MOVIE about William B. it would BE GROOVY to ME his FAMILY  to UNCOVER and DISCOVER the LIES  that will ARISE  by those hidden in DISGUISE  for so many YEARS by the ENGINEERS  of many FEARS  that would be brought to JUSTICE by US who TRUST GOD who is our ROD who will cancel the FAÇADE and release a SQUAD to EXPOSE THOSE who BELIEVE they have DECEIVED and allow us to RETRIEVE from the NAIVE who continue to CLEAVE to the PRIVILEGE of their own TUTELAGE while taking ADVANTAGE of the CARNAGE and holding others in BONDAGE by showing them that PERSISTENCE takes law-abiding citizens the DISTANCE to create an ALLIANCE with those who will explore the SCIENCE behind the DEFIANCE of necessary COMPLIANCE to TRUTH that will be found by the SLEUTH.

written by TW Brock©


"Lord, we desire to STAY as we PRAY each DAY that YOU, RENEW our strength TODAY in every WAY, that the brutality and murder that has plagued our FATE to DATE, stolen folks from You to FEED GREED, exploitation and HATE that lies in WAIT, through the years of DEBATE in an effort to CREATE the LIFELONG WRONG which is DONE in FUN, we know this is nefariously culminated by the CRUCIFIXION of your SON and the AFFLICTION currently being DONE, yet we're encourage to BELIEVE our struggles for justice can be ACHIEVED so we lay before your THRONE yet another STONE of ATROCITY filled with ANIMOSITY toward the unexplained death of William B. Which has devastated much of his FAMILY and COMMUNITY, PSYCHOLOGICALLY, we plead O'Lord, for justice on our suffering HUMANITY as You Lord UNCOVER and we DISCOVER the BLOOD on the hands hidden in the MUD of those who murdered in an effort to DISPERSE the DIVERSE, a COLLECTION of DECEPTION, share with us O'Lord the KEY that will FINALLY REVEAL the ZEAL of wrongs done so SYSTEMATICALLY we know nothing FORBIDDEN can be HIDDEN from you O'Lord, we've been TAUGHT by faith no matter how DISTRAUGHT to RELY on Your loving REPLY."

written by TW Brock©

"Please SHARE this RARE yet ugly AFFAIR to ensure that others will BEWARE of my Pop's DESPAIR for merely STANDING and DEMANDING that other BLACKS weren't ATTACKED and forced BACK into a SHACK. Stand with ME and let's OPENLY BRING this THING to the EYE'S of our ALLIES who will RISE in effort to CHASTISE those PERPETRATORS and ACTUATORS of RACISM in a spirit of ANTAGONISM through the SYSTEM of DISCRIMINATION on this NATION of DIVERSITY and ADVERSITY and let's introduce UNITY into a COMMUNITY of PEOPLE who will build a STEEPLE of TOWNSPEOPLE who are ACCOUNTABLE, ACCESSIBLE and ADMIRABLE to God's People.... "

written by TW Brock©

Bill BROCK my POP also known as William B. to ME and FAMILY, my DADDY, way back WHEN he was only TEN even THEN he'd rather EXTEND to a FRIEND and DEFEND as he wasn't one to BLEND or CONDESCEND as an ADULT he stood against ASSAULT and was KILLED his blood SPILLED without his dreams being FULFILLED because he STOOD for those who said they WOULD, FIGHT, but they actually took FLIGHT and RAN rather THAN STAN and be at HAND to work TOGETHER to make Black lives BETTER by becoming a PACESETTER like William B. was to ME and so many others who'd have to AGREE..!!

written by TW Brock©

Ugly Affair

"Please SHARE this RARE yet ugly AFFAIR to ensure that others will BEWARE of my Pop's DESPAIR for merely STANDING and DEMANDING that other BLACKS weren't ATTACKED and forced BACK into a SHACK. Stand with ME and let's BRING this THING to the EYE'S of our ALLIES who will RISE in effort to CHASTISE those PERPETRATORS and ACTUATORS of RACISM in a spirit of ANTAGONISM through a SYSTEM of DISCRIMINATION on this NATION of DIVERSITY and ADVERSITY against you and ME, let's introduce UNITY into a COMMUNITY of PEOPLE who will build a STEEPLE of TOWNSPEOPLE who are both ACCOUNTABLE and ADMIRABLE to GOD who is the ROD to make it known here and ABROAD.

written by TW Brock©

"How many Blacks Would Love & welcome a Purpose to work together to build STRENGTH to go the LENGTH within the Developing of a New Friendship/Relationship from a PLACE where DISGRACE can be ERASED and DISUNITY, REPLACED by OPPORTUNITY in a COMMUNITY of STRANGERS filled with DANGER to become Life CHANGERS...?"

written by TW Brock©

Father and Daughter

My POP William BROCK and  SISTER who knows her oldest brother only as MISTER, whom I’ve never MET as of YET DUE  TO EVIL within many PEOPLE filled with HATE who refuse to PARTICIPATE or COOPERATE in anything designed to ACCELERATE love and UNITY within a COMMUNITY of TOWNSPEOPLE meant to be The STEEPLE for GOD's PEOPLE who are the ROD that gives the NOD, to render AIDE and PERSUADE those who’ve PORTRAYED, BETRAYED and DISPLAYED the fact that they’re AFRAID to EXPOSE or DISCLOSE the TRUTH to our YOUTH, we say “God hasn’t given us a spirit of FEAR.” but WE’RE unwilling to HEAR and would rather it simply DISAPPEAR than come NEAR and lend an EAR or face the PUPPETEER who wants us to believe William B. committed SUICIDE All of The Facts point to FRATICIDE so his death certificate should be RECERTIFIED to reflect HOMICIDE.

written by TW Brock©

"I'm EVER so grateful to begin this ENDEAVOR, and  YOUR Willingness to EXPLORE the deadbolt on the DOOR let's PEEL into the REAL to learn MORE about my Pop's ORDEAL & His much DESPISED & gruesome DEMISE as he UNDERSTOOD that he WOULD NEED to LEAD the FEED away from GREED unfortunately in 83, for ME his FAMILY, I knew the LACK of UNITY within the BLACK COMMUNITY has often been the REASON for TREASON in the SEASON that FED his BED of DEATH with his final BREATH. My Pop was a mere 31 when this was DONE. "

written by TW Brock©

Can I Count On You?

Can I count on you & your Family of Followers to support Justice For Brock my POP who died STANDING and DEMANDING the Civil Rights of other Black's who took a SEAT in DEFEAT those folk's CLAIMED to NAME Christ as their SAVIOR yet their BEHAVIOR doesn't DISPLAY that THEY Trust Him TODAY in any WAY God's Word Say "I can do ALL Things Through Christ Jesus who strengthens me." It's just Talk for many who refuse to WALK with CHRIST who's paid a PRICE because we refuse to SACRIFICE as we'd rather roll the DICE then work TOGETHER to make our community BETTER...

Written by TW Brock©


Don't Be Shy

Don’t be SHY it’s ok to say HI to a GUY, I won’t BITE cause it’s not RIGHT especially in LIGHT of our current PLIGHT with Covid 19 on the SCENE we may not be able to CONVENE but we don’t have to be MEAN or LEAN BETWEEN the SCREEN of the UNFORESEEN in-SPITE of this FIGHT against a VIRUS that’s attacking US if we SPEAK It will not make us WEAK or our prospects BLEAK we should SEEK to be ADVENTURESOME and grow ACCUSTOMED to our FREEDOM and BELIEVE we can ACHEIVE when we’re less NAÏVE because we CHOOSE to USE our HEAD not be MISLEAD so we can leave BEHIND what has kept us BLIND as it doesn’t ALIGN with the WILL of GOD who hates FRAUD and DESIRES to create FIRES that grow HIGHER in BELIEVER’s HEARTS to START becoming ACHIEVERS who DECIDE to ABIDE in God’s INSTRUCTION without OBSTRUCTION to INTRODUCE what will set us LOSE to REDUCE SIN with-IN BELIEVERS who are RECEIVERS of CHRIST Jesus.

written by TW Brock©



As we begin our journey to make a difference to create PRIVILEGE in our VILLAGE remember we need a PLAN and the willingness to STAND, BAND and DEMAND to gain the Upper HAND, PRAYER without a willingness to SHARE the WORK that LURKS often in the way of our PERKS in order to ACHIEVE we must Actually BELIEVE that we can RETRIEVE when we FIGHT for what's RIGHT and TOGETHER in any WEATHER we will OVERCOME what has UNDONE the UNITY in the Black COMMUNITY.

written By TW Brock©


Unknown Black History

Did you know that there are significant Unknown BLACK HISTORY Facts that present great enough MYSTERY to BROADCAST several PODCAST to EXPOSE THOSE who attempt to DISPOSE of other BRO's with MAJOR WAGERS and Corporate COVER-UP to shut others UP I'd love for YOU to become a P.O.P with ME so WE can work together to STOP INJUSTICE against US by climbing to the TOP & getting Justice for my Pop William B. Brock who died STANDING and DEMANDING the Rights of other BLACK'S who simply SLACKED, crawled BACK into the SHACK and SAT-DOWN or STOOD-AROUND when my Pop Mr. Brock died for their CIVIL RIGHT to FIGHT they chose to SWIVEL and SCRIBBLE that NIGHT and 40 years LATER it's No GREATER because MANY Law MAKERS Either ignore the Facts associated with this MURDER and Cover-up or simply Don't possess the BALLS to make the CALLS that will ALIENATE those who DISCRIMINATE and allow us to CONCENTRATE on efforts that ACCELERATE & promote UNITY and OPPORTUNITY to grow COMMUNITY.

Can l count on YOU to INVITE your follower's to the WEBSITE to SHARE so others may BEWARE of the FACTS that will IMPACT this UNFAIR DESPAIR that isn't as RARE as many DECLARE...

Written by TW Brock©


Snipes Gripes

Happy Birthday Brother SNIPES no GRIPES tell me, do you have the BALLS to make the CALLS to BUCK those STUCK who REFUSE to USE COMMON SENSE at the EXPENSE of THOSE who ROSE to EXPOSE the NOSE of a major Corporate COVER- UP designed to shut us UP so we couldn't raise the STAKES on the SNAKES in something like your next MOVIE that would be GROOVY based on undeniable FACTS in the BLACK COMMUNITY filled with poeple like You & ME ...

written by TW Brock©

written for Wesley Snipes


Speak The Truth

I love to speak the TRUTH on the BROADCAST of a PODCAST to PEOPLE who see that the STEEPLE of the TOWNSPEOPLE becomes KNOWN when we DIS-OWN the UNKNOWN, TONE that allows our Purpose to be DE-THRONED while AIMING for NOTHING FLAIMING therefore We must start RECLAIMING the SAME. Let's STAND Together and create a PLAN to DEMAND Justice For My Pop William B. Brock so We can EXPOSE THOSE who CHOOSE to REFUSE and ignore the CLUES Left in plain SIGHT that will surely IGNITE a FIGHT against the INJUSTICE upon US to make RIGHT the PLIGHT of the FOX hidden in the BOX Many would call Fort KNOX below the STONE of the UNKNOWN what would You NEED to CONCEDE to my PLEAD that will IMPEDE upon you to INTERCÉDE so we can EXCEED those who FEED themselves with GREED l believe our DEEDS are GUARANTEED to LEAD us to SUCCEED when we PROCEED to READ the Facts ACCOMPANIED by the KEYS in plain SITE on the WEBISTE..

written by TW Brock©


I SHARE This RARE unfortunate AFFAIR above Praying l can count on You to SHARE it with EVERYONE you KNOW SO we won't ABANDON the chance to take ACTION and FIGHT for what's RIGHT  by getting Justice for BROCK to STOP the UNFAIR DESPAIR by making others AWARE of the PODCAST That can FINALLY BROADCAST  a system that WE can AGREE to SEE HARMONY and FULFILL our GOODWILL by STANDING and DEMANDING that LEADERS' aren't only CHEERLEADERS but ACHIEVERS' of Justice for ALL not just those with MONEY to afford MUTINY in the presence of you and ME or the current ACCOMPLICES of the AIMLESS systems that is FUNNY in the COMPANY of the ENRICHED that have SWITCHED to commit FELONY who are WEALTHY STEALTH Y and UNHEALTHY to a CULTURE seeking to rid itself of VULTURES filled with ABUSERS ACCUSERS' and LOSERS' to one that welcome  a PEACE that will RELEASE and INCREASE in a DESIRE to ACQUIRE Partners of Purpose like US to rebuild TRUST with Justice for Brock My P.O.P....??

written by TW Brock©


l Watch  the Broadcast  of the Podcast above  & I DARE YOU  & your CREW  to SHARE the RARE unknown FACT'S that many LACK & let's create the courage in other's to have the BALLS to make the CALLS  to get folks INVOLVED who will bring DOWN  the FROWN  that SURROUNDS the BLACK  COMMUNITY through the LACK of UNITY..??

written by TW Brock©