True Justice For William B. Brock Is A Death Certificate That Reflects Homicide Instead of Suicide.
Justice for William B. Brock


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William B. Brock's Resume at aged 24

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Justice for William B . Brock needs your help to get authorities involved in the process of restoring the name of Mr . Brock , a man who was murdered and made to look like a suicide . We've come to realize that if the party or parties responsible for his  murder/cover-up are ever going to be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law , we need your help .

The system that's being challenged is one that's influenced by lots of money , power, and political connections . If this system is ever going to be exposed , it will take money and help from you to  Fight and Expose Corporate Cover-up to Get Justice for William B. Brock. We would like your help in supporting our efforts by sending this pre-written letter to  your congressional representative , printing out our flyer and distributing it  in church and/or your neighborhoodasking your friends, family, co-workers, church family, and anyone else you can think of to do the same or perhaps you know someone willing to write about this as a history project .

Printing out our flyer and posting it and/or sharing our website with others , posting it to your Facebook™ , to help bring local , national , and international attention to this matter . By blogging and talking about it on discussion boards , or with the U .S . Justice Department , or the U .S . Attorney's office and your Congressional Representative to encourage their immediate involvement .

U.S. Attorney / United States Post Office & Courthouse; 700 Grant St., Suite 4000; Pittsburgh, PA 15219or call them at (412) 644-3500. 
The U.S . Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington , DC 20530 ; or call them at  (202 514-2000 .

If you have any suggestions on how to expedite this process, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Let's Expose Corporate Cover-Up and get Justice for William BBrock

William Bryant Brock, until his murder at the age of 31, was The Most Prominent Minority Executive employed by Volkswagen of America Inc.  At The Former New Stanton Pennsylvania Plant, Mr. Brock was a man of valor, purpose, fortitude and had a strong belief inequality.  The goals of this website is to promote a campaign of National exposure of the facts related to the Murder and Cover-up.  The New York Times reported that Mr. Brock Committed Suicide.  However, it failed to mention the following facts:

1. Mr. Brock was  LEFT HANDED shot in the  BACK of the  RIGHT SIDE of his  HEAD.
2. Dr. Cyril Wecht, one of the best pathologists in the country, commented that the facts of this case sounds like foul play.
3. The bullet entered just above his  RIGHT ear in the  BACK of his  HEAD and  EXITED the  TOP of his  HEAD.
4. The gun used was a  38 pistol with an  8' inch barrel, making that shot  PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to carry out alone.
5. To date, there have been no documented attempts at suicide via gunshot to the  BACK of the  HEAD.
6. There was an  ALLEGED suicide  NOTE found near his body, later analyzed and determined to be forged.

The Police Department of Washington County, Pennsylvania, to date has refused to release a copy of the original police report, even after receiving two Freedom of Information Act Request, filed under both U.S Attorney Generals Michael Mukasey and Eric Holder on a case that's been closed for more than three decades. As there is no statute of limitations on Murder in the U.S. There was no Coroner's inquest performed on Mr. Brock which is standard procedure with cases such as this.

Why is there such a reluctance to examine the facts associated with his death, if it was suicide..?

The Media also Failed to mention that Mr. Brock and other member's of the Volkswagen Black Caucus, received numerous death threats, some on company letterhead, prior to joining the  $ 70 Million Dollar Class Action Discrimination Lawsuit against the company.

The company threatened to damage Mr. Brock's character with knowingly false allegations.  As a result of those threats, he Joined the lawsuit on Friday, January 7th, 1983 against VW wherein he himself possessed the bulk of the damaging information against the Automaker.  The evening of his murder he went out with friends, co-workers and other colleagues after work, informing them that he looked forward to seeing them at the meeting on the following Monday only  3 days later.   

Please join our campaign to help bring local, national, and international attention to the murder and cover-up of the man who died standing up for the civil and economic rights of other minorities.  You can help by conducting discussions in your local church, book, civic and /or social clubs, sharing the information on your Facebook, Linked In, or with your other networking sites.  By printing and passing out flyers to handout within the community, talking to your local media about facts and why authorities refuse to explore them.   Mail or Fax the pre-written letter to your Congressional Representative, after sending the pre-written letter please return to the website and click on and complete the "Next Step" link and ask  EVERYONE that you know to do the same in an effort to encourage the immediate involvement of The U .S . Department of Justice to expose murder and corporate cover -up.   Invite the media to contact us at


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