True Justice For William B. Brock Is A Death Certificate That Reflects Homicide Instead of Suicide.
Justice for William B. Brock


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William B. Brock's Resume at aged 24

Justice for William B. Brock

Why do government officials refuse to investigate the murder/ cover-up
of the most prominent Black Volkswagen Executive?
William B. Brock

Mr. William B. Brock was the Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator who established change and eased racial tensions between Volkswagen of America, Inc., the press, the black community, and government agencies in the late 70's and early 80's. The VW employees formed a Black Caucus at the plant and named Mr. Brock president and spokesperson of the organization.  Negotiations led to Volkswagen repeatedly agreeing to terms behind closed doors, but denying those terms in public meetings.

As a result, this caused a split in the VW black Caucus and several members decided to file a $70 million dollar class action discrimination lawsuit against the automaker.  Mr. Brock, one of the most prominent black executives, had more than enough information to impact unfavorably upon Volkswagen's ability to do business in the United States. Volkswagen attempted to blackmail Mr. Brock with knowingly false information to intimidate him into coercing other blacks not to pursue the lawsuit.

This move had the opposite effect, in fact, Mr. Brock was persuaded to join the discrimination lawsuit. Only hours after joining the lawsuit against Volkswagen, the New York Times and the New Pittsburgh Courier reported that he went home and committed suicide, when he, himself, had the bulk of the damaging information against the automaker. The news articles FAILED  to mention the FACT that Mr. Brock was a LEFT-HANDED man, shot in the BACK of the RIGHT side of his head. The bullet entered just above his RIGHT ear and exited the TOP of his head.  Additionally, there was an alleged suicide note found near his body that was later analyzed by Curt Baggett, a leading handwriting expert in the field, who's willing to prove in court that the note was  forged

Volkswagen Auto Group

Most people aren't aware of the fact that Volkswagen manufactures and distributes Audi, Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Ducati. VW also holds 19.9% non-controlling shares in Suzuki, and has two major joint-ventures in Shanghai, China.
On the day of  Mr. Brock death, he mentioned to friends and family that he was selling his Audi because he just bought a Porsche, also on the Friday of the alleged suicide, he was out dancing and partying. He told friends he'd see them at the meeting on Monday. Days before the alleged suicide, he called a family meeting, informing them that he had recently been approved for a $9 million dollar venture outside of Volkswagen. When pressed by family members to leave Volkswagen immediately due to threats on his life, he responded, "I can't , I've got people counting on me." Mr. Brock was optimistic and had plans for the future. 

Does that sound like suicide to you?


Shortly after Mr. Brock's death, the $70 million class action discrimination lawsuit against Volkswagen faded away. Why is that?


Allegedly, after Brock's death, some members of the black caucus received small amounts of money to discontinue pursuing the lawsuit against Volkswagen.

Please help us expose corporate cover-up and get justice for William B. Brock

Justice for William B . Brock 

About Mr. Brock

Volkswagen Recruited Mr. Brock

We're On A Mission

A dream is a vision of something in the future. A goal is a dream, but with a plan and a deadline.

Our goal  is to restore the name of William B. Brock, a man who was murdered and made to look like he took his own life.  Additionally, we plan to publicly expose the party or parties responsible for his death, and hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law. We are tireless in our efforts to make it known that Mr. Brock was an admirable and productive member of society.

As one of the most prominent black executives of Volkswagen of America, Mr. Brock was proficient in his field of expertise. We plan to bring to light the fact that it's morally and ethically wrong for a man to be murdered for doing the job he was recruited to perform.

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